For this music video I wanted to experiment with high colour contrast, to create a futuristic/stylistic look.

I've always liked having strong colours dividing the fore- and background in a shot or scene.

To find the right colours I went to the Lee Filters...

Last saturday me and my colleague invited a designer to shoot a cinematic short.

We set up a table in front of a white backdrop, which was lit from behind, to create a nice contrast: 

Because we were in a small and low room and did not have a lot of lights we used a...

September 29, 2016

My dad found a box full of old photographs of me when I was a kid and when I went through them I found these. I was shooting my very first film on an JVC camcorder in and fortress somewhere in France. It seems that it was only natural to become a cameraman.

Hopefully so...

Last Friday I went to a beautiful swimming pool in the west of Amsterdam, where we met up with a competition diver to shoot some shots for a commercial. We went up to the highest diving board (10 meters) and set up the camera right near to the edge. It was quite intimi...

April 18, 2016

This weekend I worked with friends on a very creative promotional video for the music festival 'Into The Woods'. The guys, Boris Acket and Sebastiaan Sminque, worked very hard creating an interactive set, in which the actors were performing a musical piece, slowly buil...

January 19, 2016

In January I went to a small island in the north of the Netherlands called Texel to shoot a short film about two friends and their way of dealing with the issue of sickness and death. 


It was freezing cold, but we had a blast and I think it will be a beautiful sho...

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