Sacha Glastra van Loon


Cinematographer | DoP | Teacher

© 2016 By Sacha Glastra van Loon. 

Here is a selection of films I have shot. 

Due to copyright, not all of them can been shown on this website. 

The cinematography reels are compilations of a number of projects, made in the same year.  


Check out the Blog page for more background stories behind the projects. 

Lion Storm - Emo Track 2019 (Music Video)

Goblitz - Jupiter (Music Video)

Cinematography Reel 2018

Webshop video: Melchior
Documentary: KERK!(street)
Cinematography Reel 13'

Cinematography Reel 2019

Yvette Fontaine Ford Racing

Cinematography Reel '14
Corporate: Gingermood Coaching
Experimental: Cine-Eyes
Commercial: Locals AMS 2013