Granny Racing Revival

At the end of 2016 a friend and I got the opportunity to join his father, who owns and writes for Octane Magazine (Netherlands), a classic car magazine, to join him at Circuit Zolder in Belgium for an interesting photoshoot. There were a couple of classic Ford Escort Twin Cam racing cars, which were driven by the woman who raced them back in the late 60's and 70's, Yvette Fontaine. She even became champion in 1969, beating all the men in her class.

Father and son Albert and Kenny Smeets, who are big fans of Yvette and classic Ford Escort Twin Cam cars, rebuilt exact copies of the cars she used to race back in the days.

Yvette was brought up close to Circuit Zolder, the circuit where she won many races and became champion, so when she got back in the Ford she drove it like it was 1969 again.

Still a happy face, but driving backwards on a race track and trying to get a good shot is not easy!

The video will come out end of Februari 2017.

Sacha Glastra van Loon


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