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Experimenting with colours

For this music video I wanted to experiment with high colour contrast, to create a futuristic/stylistic look.

I've always liked having strong colours dividing the fore- and background in a shot or scene.

To find the right colours I went to the Lee Filters website and started looking at all different colours they have. I then selected the ones I thought would work nicely together, but also gave a strong and futuristic look.

Selected Colour Palette

My gaffer and I then met up a Singel Film Studios in Amsterdam, because they own almost every colour in the range. We collected to colours and then started testing them at the location and with the different lights.

When we tested the different filters, we held them in front of a tungsten Arri Fresnel 650W and also tried them on a F&V Z400s Bi-Colour LED panel, which we also changed to a colder Kelvin of 3200K, just to see what it did. But we quickly decided to keep all lights at 5600K and to use the colours Mauve as background and Peacock Blue as foreground.

I think it created a very strong and youth full look, which fitted great with our dancer Stephanie and the music from Goblitz.

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